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Luis Leiva is a seasoned veteran in the Real Estate industry, a motivated Real Estate Broker, and licensed Instructor. At only 35 years old, Luis has owned and developed 3 Real Estate Offices, and is currently the CEO of Culture Estate located in Scotch Plains NJ. Luis has been involved in over 1,000 transactions, his abundance of experience has allowed him to mentor others and assist his clients in making strategic investments. Luis wants to leave his mark on the world by public speaking and spreading his knowledge to the Real Estate community. He currently hosts an educational series on Youtube and spreads his message through social media where his info can be widely absorbed by the masses. With his talented staff and unparalleled work ethic, Luis Leiva is determined to make Culture Estate the go-to place for homebuyers, sellers, Realtors, investors, and anyone interested in learning about Real Estate.

Lim Bances is a very bold and high-spirited Real Estate Agent that strongly desires to help her clients find their dream home. With three beautiful girls at home, there isn’t a more passionate or more disciplined figure than this charismatic and diligent mother. Despite having obtained her license less than a year ago, she has already become the top producer at Culture Estate. She specializes in short sales, investing, and customer satisfaction. With the help of her team, she excels at making this long and dreadful process look like a piece of cake. Lim's passion and positive energy are definitely inspiring and contagious. Clients looking for the most passionate agent need to choose Lim. She is here to help!

Diego Escobar is a highly dedicated and successful licensed Real Estate agent that is incredibly eager to provide the greatest experience possible for all of his clients. He has over 6 years of extensive experience in short sales and investing, and he is always fully aware of the market. Diego makes certain that anyone he works with, especially his clients, always feel welcomed and appreciated. With a gorgeous wife and their invaluable son, Diego is definitely a family oriented man that wants to deliver the best home for families everywhere. Diego is the right choice for anyone seeking an agent with knowledge, experience, and dedication.

Harry Page is the most enthusiastic and aggressive person to ever become a licensed Real Estate Agent. When searching for a Real Estate professional, it is imperative to work with a professional who is caring  and trustworthy. However, it is not easy finding one that is on the same magnitude as Harry. Harry is truly dedicated to helping clients meet their goals and find their dream homes. Harry works in a fast, friendly, and easy to understand manner. He is committed to going the extra mile to ensure that when purchasing, selling or renting a property he is there to guide and assist his clients throughout the entire process. To Harry, Real Estate is not just a job, it is his passion. He enjoys being able to impact people’s lives in a positive manner and help guide them through the transition of moving. Harry is dedicated to doing this job in the way that will lead to the very best outcome for his clients. He always goes above and beyond what is necessary to ensure his clients are happy.

Samrin Ghai is a highly intelligent Realtor who has a massive appetite for helping others and effectively handles residential and commercial real estate as well as investment consulting. Samrin is a genuine and compassionate individual that has already achieved success in not just Real Estate but in all his businesses. Despite being so young, Samrin is incredibly knowledgable in regards to all things that pertain to Marketing, Technology, Investing, Business Management, and Real Estate. In addition, Samrin is the type of person that would gladly sacrifice sleep and free time in order to satisfy the diverse needs of all his clients, and still interact with everyone as joyfully and intensely as usual. Samrin is the perfect option for anyone seeking a humble and kind Realtor.

Stephanie Luzbet is the most devoted reliable agent a client will ever find. Stephanie understands firsthand what it entails to be on the quest for the American dream of owning a home. With 7 years of experience in Real Estate, this delightful agent has extensive experience with short sales, first time home buyers, investment properties, townhouses and relocations. In addition, she has gained knowledge in a financial investing standpoint and what goes into re-developing projects. Clients can be assured that they have an advocate that will work tirelessly to ensure their needs are met. To her, there is no greater satisfaction than to know she can play a huge role of helping people make their dreams and goals come true.

 There isn't a more dedicated and hard working Real Estate Professional than Ricardo Quinones. Ricardo has been committed to serving home buyers, sellers, and investors in NJ for over 14 years. His clients often compliment him on his patience and ability to listen to their needs and take the stress out of home buying and selling. Ricardo has extensive knowledge of short sales and foreclosures. His clients also benefit from the latest technology and marketing strategies to advertise and sell their homes for the highest price in the shortest time possible. His clients can rely on his integrity and commitment to the highest standards, which has garnered him repeat business year after year. Ricardo will be there from the beginning to the end of the process and will happily help you open the door to your new home or investment.

Paul Testa epitomizes integrity, hard work and creativity. Paul is a dedicated father and man of faith who believes in treating people fair especially in business. In addition, Paul is a marketing virtuoso and is always looking for new and creative ways to make his clients property get noticed when it's time to sell. Paul has transferred his knowledge of sales, marketing, environmental consulting and entrepreneurship to the real estate market. His business approach is founded on building lasting relationships based upon trust and commitment. Specializing in residential and investment properties, he prides himself in making sure his clients find the best deal possible and is always available to help his clients deal with the complexities of each Real Estate transaction. Whether you are looking for your dream home, investment property or looking to sell your home, Paul Testa is the Realtor you can count on

Paul Nilsen is one of the most sincere and good hearted Real Estate agents to ever walk this earth. Paul is a loving father and husband who treats everyone, especially clients, as if they were his family. Paul has an insatiable appetite for helping clients to the best of his abilities, and is eager to build a reputation as a trustworthy and capable agent. Despite being new to Real Estate, he is incredibly knowledgable, has already proven that he has the potential to become a top producing agent, and he is consistently honing his skills and improving with each deal he closes. Paul transitioned into Real Estate after years of running a very successful cleaning empire, which is due entirely to his unbelievable work ethic. Thankfully, Paul works in a flourishing environment where is equipped with amazing marketing tools to get homes the most attention. Regardless of the client’s need, Paul will happily find the best solution for any situation. 

Oscar Escobar is a seriously profound and honest Real Estate Professional who has over 10 years of Real Estate experience. Oscar believes firmly in keeping his client's best interest at heart by treating them like family. In order to deliver his absolute best, Oscar has consistently polished his expertise throughout the years in a wide variety of areas such as, REO’s, Short sales, Investment properties, and first time homebuyers. His top priority as a realtor is to acknowledge what his clients need and desire and display genuine enthusiasm when they have achieved their dream of becoming a homeowner. His passion for Real Estate shows through his focus, professionalism and commitment to his clients. 

Mario Fryczynski is a successful and fearless entrepreneur with 12+ years experience as a real estate agent. Mario is also a real estate investor specializing in multi-family rental properties as well as flips. Mario also possesses sales experience from working in the wireless telecommunication industry for over 10 years and worked his way up from sales associate to District Manager. One of Mario's recent accomplishments include ringing the NY stock exchange bell on Wall Street on Sept 20th 2016. Mario is a leader with a strong work ethic and is passionate about ensuring his clients are 100% satisfied. Mario performs well in a competitive team environment, bringing his ambition, confidence and commitment to drive sales and results for his clients. Mario considers himself the most valuable agent in real estate due to his background, experience, and the unique perks he offers to his clients upon successful sales execution. On a personal level, Mario is a big Giants fan and lover of outdoor activities such as camping, boating and fishing.  Mario has been married for 9 years with two children. In his free time he is a Peewee soccer coach. Education accomplishments including being a 2004 Kean University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business. Mario is also fluent in Polish.

Derick Santos may be young, but he is one of the most talented  and educated agents on our team. Derick wasted no time getting his Real Estate license because he knew from an early age he wanted to help people find their dream home and learn everything Real Estate related. His long term goal is to one day become a broker and plans on doing so by giving every client his undivided attention and absorbing as much knowledge as possible. This bright young man is out to prove a point; that age does not matter as long as you have the right mindset. On a personal level, Derick is fluent in Portuguese and was both an athlete and a scholar that has always played soccer for his school and got the best grades in class. Derick has already proved himself a capable agent and is still learning and improving his skills everyday. Derick devotes all his free time to shadowing his experienced colleagues and mastering all kinds of marketing strategies. 

Nichola Newton is a Real Estate professional with over 10 years of Real Estate investing experience. This savvy agent takes pride in educating her clients through the process of homebuying, investing, construction and everything that pertains to Real Estate. She ensures all the questions are answered and provides diverse resources to satisfy her clients needs. Nichola assists clients by implementing her experience in Human Resources and social services, which provides a unique perspective and knowledge base to her clients. Aside from Real Estate, Nichola and her husband run a non-profit organization called Certain Hope that provides assitance to the less fortunate; with a focus on young children. Wether its making dreams come true, first time investing, building your portfolio, or lifestyle upgrade, Nichola is the right agent to choose. 

Sophy Ramirez is a caring and amiable Real Estate expert with a heart of gold. Sophy is the type of agent that lets her clients know how important they are and assures them that she will always be there for them. She has developed a rather transparent style of conducting business, in a sense that she doesn't hide anything from her clients so that there is a complete sense of trust throughout the entire process. This impressive agent has much to offer to her clients, such as an abundance of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Real Estate including investing, short sales, and home buying. In addition, after devoting so much time and attention to her clients and building a great relationship, clients always have a hard time letting her go and want to keep in touch with her because she is more than just an impressive agent, she is an invaluable friend. Anyone looking for an agent that surpasses expectations should definitely consider working with Sophy.

Manuela Londoño is a young Real Estate professional that is extremely wise and mature beyond her years. She exemplifies diligence and ambition and already has experience in Real Estate investing. There is no other agent with such an incredible eagerness to establish a reputation as a skilled Real Estate agent than Manuela. She is constantly astounding her clients and colleagues with her high level of intelligence and proficiency in closing deals. This remarkable agent has already helped many clients find the right home and investment property. Manuela actually used to do commercial but transitioned into residential after feeling a growing desire to improve as a Realtor and felt her skillset would be better utilized at a agency that focuses on helping others. This knowledge-hungry agent is more than willing and capable to learn everything there is to know about Real Estate to expand her usefulness to clients. Manuela firmly believes in going above and beyond for clients to let them know their needs take precedence over everything. Just like the rest of the agency, Manuela is equipped with the latest marketing strategies and technology to find clients the best deal possible in the shortest time possible. 

When it comes to providing quality service, most agents pale in comparison to Scott Valentine. This is a man who truly loves what he does and takes pride in his work, and it clearly shows in his interactions with clients. Scott, better known as "The Professor of Real Estate" is always putting clients first and is constantly establishing great relationships with every single one. No matter what the circumstances may be, no matter how unusually difficult the situation may be, this resourceful agent always manages to find a way to relieve any worries and resolve all issues. Clients can confide in Scott's abilities as a Real Estate professional and are guaranteed great results. Scott lives by a simple motto, "help me help you". His discipline was instilled by years of wrestling and training, and he implements this into his work. Scott is hands down a valuable asset for anyone fortunate enough to work with him.

John “Genyus” Brown is a true Real Estate professional that specializes in distressed properties and foreclosures. He has been regarded as "the angel realtor" due to his incredibly friendly demeanor and ability to save clients from making mistakes during the process. This debonair agent knows everything there is to know about locations, value, property types, pricing, and zoning. John has been investing in real estate even before getting his license. In addition, he has been on both sides of the foreclosure process, and that experience has given him a more profound understanding in this business to truly help clients. Giving clients the most pleasureable experience is John’s forte.

Whether it’s buying, selling, investing or consulting, Jean Ajax is a Real Estate professional that is a cut above the rest. He is experienced in representing clients of all sorts in both residential and commercial markets. Over the last 10 years, Jean has developed a client centered approach that allows clients to navigate through a process that is often initially intimidating.  His creativity, knowledge and commitment places clients at ease and provides them with the reassurance that they will receive exceptional service. This joyful agent has spent much time as a home insurance inspector and has developed an eye for potential dangers and money pits. When not assisting clients, Jean enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, entertaining their friends, and listening to great music.

Matthew Helme is the kind of agent who wanted to get a head start in life and help people in any way possible. This talented agent jumped on board right away with Real Estate and wasted no time getting his license because he always knew that helping people was the right thing to do and what better way to help someone than to help them find their dream home. Customer satisfaction is Matthew's number one priority from the minute he wakes up to when he goes to sleep.  His goal is to take his Real Estate knowledge to the next level and one day obtain his broker's license. Matthew takes every single day as a learning experience no matter what the case is, and despite any circumstance, his mindset is exactly where it has to be in Real Estate. Matthew will go above and beyond for his client's making sure their needs and wishes are fulfilled.

Alejandra Jarrin is a licensed real estate agent in the state of New Jersey. Her commitment to serving others were strengthened when she joined the National Guard as a recent high school graduate. After leaving the reserves, she later went on to become a mother of two, as well as a top performer and asset to the the sales department at Petro Oil for over ten years. Not only does Alejandra have a personal connection to NJ, the state she knows and loves, she is also highly educated and skilled when it comes to guiding her clients through the home buying process. Clients can be sure that Alejandra will find the home fit for their needs and lifestyle.

From a young age, Fabiola Lafleur had a dream of becoming the most outstanding Real Estate agent and knew that it could happen if she just believed in herself and consistently worked hard at it. Fabiola wants clients to see her as a personal ambassador opposed to just another Realtor. This down-to-Earth agent learned early in life customer satisfaction takes precedence over everything when it comes to running a successful business. Now, she applies what she has learned to her clients in Real Estate, assuring her clients that they are in the most caring hands possible.  In addition to providing clients with the highest quality service, Fabiola comes equipped with the latest and most effective marketing strategies and is connected with the best network of people that goes with Real Estate, From Loan Officers to Contractors, Fabiola has every aspect covered for his agents. Everyone that works with her can expect a client-centric professional that is genuinely there to help guide them through the process and share all his knowledge and experience.

Ana Graveto, at age 20, bought her first multi-family home that she lived in, renovated, then rented out for a positive cash flow while working full-time as a single mother. After several years of setting herself up financially, she moved to Florida where she lived for 4 years until the market crashed and her investments went down with it.  She packed up everything and moved back to NJ where she rebuilt her life and her investments. Bouncing back from that loss has made her passionate about helping first-time homebuyers create wealth by educating them about financial health, real estate investing, and how to make their dreams a reality. Ana is organized, analytical, kindhearted, and modest.  Her actions, above her words, will prove that you invested in the right person to take care of your future. She’s real, she’s resilient, and she’s ready to show you how it’s done.

Ed Hendrickson is a hard working and dedicated individual with a passion for all things real estate. Although he is new to being a real estate agent, he comes from a background of fix and flipping and investing in multi-family rental properties. Ed finds immense happiness in helping others find success with real estate investing ventures. He also has experience with hard money lending and can clearly explain options available to his clients. Ed’s background in operations in a high stress environment guarantees that he will be an asset to his clients throughout the entire property purchasing process. If you are looking for a realtor who understands the hustle required to successfully invest in real estate and will happily discuss potential deals at length to ensure you find the best property for you, you will be delighted to work with Ed.

Born in New York City, Jonathan Ramirez moved around a lot before settling in New Jersey and has since been here for over 15 years. Jonathan currently lives in Jersey City where he teaches middle school language arts. He studied English at Kean University and has been a part of numerous community development drives. With his wealth of knowledge of local NJ communities as well as various methods of investment, Jonathan is passionate about helping people succeed in any of their real estate choices. On his spare time Jonathan enjoys to spend time with friends and family and play guitar.

Alice Chiu is a diligent young Real Estate Professional that specializes in investment properties, wholesales, and first time home buyers. Being born and raised in New Jersey, Alice has a good understanding of the housing market. Alice persistence to help her clients find their dream house is incredible. She spends time researching the history of the property in order to give her clients the best deals she can. Alice loves giving her clients the best she can offer. Her number one priority is the satisfaction of her customers. Having knowledge in the market her clients benefit from a stress free transaction experience. Having patience, commitment, and passion clients can’t help but choose Alice as their agent.

Carlos Rodrigues is a young motivated and ambitious Real Estate Professional that strives to give his clients quality service. Carlos specializes in short sales, investments properties, and wholesales. He loves working with first time home buyers because to Carlos a home is where a story begins. Despite having his license for a little over a year, Carlos has become extremely knowledgeable to get anyone their dream home. He is persistent, relentless, and will go the extra mile for all his clients. He tries to bring value to the table, by working day and night to make sure his clients are stress free. Most realtors have excuses, Carlos has solutions. For proficiency , professionalism, and patients Carlos is the ideal agent.

Samara Ramos is intrigued by all that Real Estate has to offer. She can do anything from helping a first time home buyer to an individual seeking to invest. She is a dedicated professional who will go above and beyond, providing every individual with the personalized service, exceptional communication, and expertise that will give you successful results. Her focus is on exceeding exceptions in the Real Estate market, helping those who truly need guidance. In that she will strategically place a plan that will successfully execute your next Real Estate venture. The trust and care she instills in all her clients is what builds a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Baronda Wallace is a Broker Associate that is not easily dismayed and will stand by her clients through thick and thin to ensure they receive the best outcome possible. She is a top notch negotiator and is backed by her team of professionals that helps make the process as expedited as possible. In addition, this agent also has an extensive background in Financing and one of her many talents is helping people come up with a financial plan to afford the home of their dreams. Baronda aspires to do her absolute best despite how difficulty the task. On a personal note, she has a 7 year old son who is her heart and joy and wants to provide the best life for him and hopes to do so as a Realtor. Clients looking for a Realtor that is relentless and thorough with their work should contact Baronda to help them with their needs

Petros Tsikkos is a bright and charismatic individual with a burning passion for Real Estate. From a young age Petros had an innate desire to be a Real Estate agent because he saw Real Estate as a way to create prosperity for himself and others. Petros has been in Real Estate since he was 17 apprenticing under brokers so that he would have the knowledge to provide an excellent experience to clients from the very beginning of his career. Petros wants to be known as the type of  agent who places honesty, family, and growth above all else. Seeing others happy and prosperous is what motivates Petros to continue striving to become the greatest Realtor possible.

Born In Ecuador, and raised in Elizabeth, NJ, Pamela Montalvo has an extensive amount of knowledge of the market of her hometown. Pamela is currently a flight attendant, and has been for the past 14 years. She herself is a family oriented person, being so that she strives to help other families find their dream home. Pamela has two beautiful children at home that inspire her to be the best agent she can be. Pamela specializes in first time home buyers and in investestment properties. She is a dedicated and motivated business woman. When working with Pamela clients can expect the best Real Estate professional

Katerina Zaimova has wanted to become a real estate agent for a few years, but what finally made her get licensed was when she started searching for a house for herself. It seemed that the real estate agents she was working with did not do enough to help her find what she was looking for and was forced to do most of the research herself. Home buying can be a stressful experience, but it does not have to be when there is an agent willing to go above and beyond to help you find what you are looking for. Therefore, she took it upon herself to learn Real Estate to help homebuyers and be attentive to their needs. Helping her clients achieve their goals and dreams is her first priority.

Hector D. Motta is an enthusiastic Real Estate Professional with over 5 years in the real estate industry, Hector also has a vast background with 25+ years as a Banking & Financial Professional. Hector has a passion for working and helping people achieve their dream of being a home owner. He is a husband and a father to three daughters and family comes first, so clients can rest a sure that you will be in great hands because family matters.  Hector also has a passion for sports and as in most sports there is a team, together with his team Hector will find his clients their perfect dream home.

Jaime Bryant has a combined 20 years of experience in sales, customer service, and accounting. She prides herself on her strong work ethic, creativity, and integrity. She strives to meet her clients needs and is an excellent listener. Although she has lived in NJ and Florida, She is extremely knowledgeable in many of the towns in Middlesex county and surrounding counties. She specializes in residential sales. She is eager to immerse herself into the industry in order to serve her clients the best she can. Jaime is passionate about real estate and always has her clients best interest at heart . She believes buying or selling a home is one of the most important transaction you will ever make in your life time and having someone knowledgeable and trustworthy is necessary.

Mike Pugliese has had a truly unique journey through life which lead him to his passion which is Real Estate investing. After surrounding himself with high level individuals and acquiring knowledge from former mentors, Mike has been molded into the entrepreneur he is today. What he is most grateful for is his family, which this family man considers to be his greatest achievement.  As a Real Estate agent, Mike utilizes his skillset to better serve people to find solutions to their problems. His motto is "the client must benefit first" and he is a strong communicator, active listener, and avid researcher

Alex Meneses has over 19yrs of experience in the Technology space where his most recent role has been managing a global operations team for a software security firm that delivers solutions to combat cyber-attacks and data loss prevention.  His years of working in a professional environment has allowed him to hone his skills of communication and ability to succeed in high stress situations. These attributes are what will assist his clients during challenging times and he will navigate them to their goals of effectively marketing and selling their homes.  His quest in real estate began with a desire to create a stream of passive income where his family can live comfortably without the worry of life’s challenges. In a short time, he has learned how to leverage his retirement fund to become an investor in real estate and collect praiseworthy returns that has moved him closer towards his goal of early retirement.  His motto is to seek to serve, so if you are considering an agent to assist you in understanding what opportunities are available to you, he will tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Max Pundik is fascinated with everything related to Real Estate.  While working in corporate world for 20+ years, he had built and successfully ran his real estate investment properties, and believes that the only way to build a secure future is through creating a strategically smart real estate portfolio .  He is knowledgeable, dedicated, and enthusiastic to help his clients to find the very best match be it a primary residence or an opportunity for an investment. Max believes in treating everyone with the fairness and transparency and will go above and beyond to ensure that his clients are making an educated, well thought out decision. Besides Real Estate, Max is passionate about rock climbing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Margaret Christy is a new agent with a desire to be of service to others. After 8 years in the Automotive industry, she has decided to redirect her focus to the world of Real Estate. Her shift came from the desire to be an agent for positive change in people’s lives. Margaret prides herself in giving the same level of attention and dedication to her business as she would her family. Margaret strives to exceed expectations of what a real estate agent can offer. Transparency coupled with a passion to complete the task at hand has been a huge part of her appeal. Through continuous education she is becoming a valuable resource to a variety of buyers/sellers. Clients looking for transactional help or, someone with an aggressive approach to help locate good investment deals at the right price need to work with Margaret.

Jose Lloret is indeed the kind of business professional that takes into consideration the best interests of his clients and works diligently to provide the best service possible. Jose has over 15 years experience in Real Estate and in that time he has familiarized himself with REO's, bank owned properties, as well traditional transactions. This humble agent believes that a house can be a home with an analytical investor mindset so that value can be obtained. His greatest satisfaction is helping others obtain what they want and reach their goals. Jose is a family man that believes that the greatest investment is in people. He is community oriented and lives by the motto "it takes a village to raise a child". 

Brenda Valladares is a driven Real Estate agent that specializes in sellers and first time home buyers. Brenda is determined to keep growing and providing people with the best service possible. Nothing makes this empathic agent happier than helping hard-working people find the best deal for their dream home. “When clients buy their first house and I see how it makes them so happy and they tell me they worked so hard for that house, it leaves a good feeling on my heart. I hope to see smiles like that on all my clients” When it comes to getting tasks done, Brenda is something of a perfectionist. She is incredibly thorough in her work and makes sure everything is accomplished in a timely manner. Her main goal is to have happy clients, and fulfill all their needs to the best of her abilities. Pleasing people is Brenda’s forte, and clients will appreciate her realistic approach to Real Estate.

Isabella Rzeszutek is one of Culture Estate's go to agents. With a strong background in sales and superior knowledge with today's social networking her main goal is to meet her clients needs with the utmost care and integrity. Isabella's clients are her number one priority, aware that they are seeking her assistance in major transactions, the selling or purchasing of property. She works on finding her clients the best deals and her passion for real estate shows through her focus and commitment. Born and raised in New Jersey, Isabella knows the Garden State intuitively and prides herself on finding the best possible location for home seekers to fit their criteria and wants best. Building strong relationships with the people she works with is second nature as well as guiding clients through the real estate buying and selling process as smoothly as possible. Whether looking for your dream home, an investment property, or seeking to sell your home, Isabella is the realtor for you.

Steve Enriquez is a dedicated real estate agent in which specializes working with investors to find deals, and helps grow and develop communities. Moreover, with 2 years of experience in the business, he is very determined and dedicated in closing deals and working hard for every single one of his clients. With his military background and experience he is very disciplined and knows how to work around the most difficult situations and get the best deals for his clients. Overall, you should consider Steve Enriquez as your agent in helping you find deals to invest your money in real estate, knowing that he will always work hard and get the most for your hard earned money. With his passion to be able help others grow their business Steve Enriquez will do whatever it takes to make your reach your goals and achieve success for your real estate investment deals.

It’s rare working with someone who is as considerate and supportive as Ana Villada. After getting married, Ana decided she was not going to limit herself to just being a housewife. Instead, she immersed herself in the world of investing; primarily Real Estate investing. After learning a great deal in her first year of investing in 1999, Ana consistently picked up momentum. In 2005, Ana obtained her license because she felt in her heart she needed to do more to help people. Now, she has built a reputation for being a very honest and helpful Realtor. Ana considers herself to be very successful in life, and being a Realtor has enabled her to accomplish everything she ever wanted. Ana is an honest Realtor who specializes in foreclosures, educating people on how to buy and sell properties, and successfully helping them achieve their dreams. Clients can be assured they are working with one of the top professionals in the industry.

Jasmine Tsephel is the type of Realtor who wants to revitalize communities and help homeowners solve problems that they may have. She is comprehensive of the new technology created to help her clients be successful in their endeavors. She currently specializes in short sales,wholesale, and investment properties and devotes her time to family friends, and clients who also become friends. She believes organization is key to efficiently creating positive results.

In addition to being extremely respectful of each individual she encounters, Jasmine possesses competitive qualities while demonstrating excellence to provide high quality services. Jasmine works diligently to coordinate the best experience for you. She has an undying love for helping her clients locate unbelievable deals that also compliment her admiration for architecture and appreciation for home Interior design. Jasmine is the perfect candidate for anyone looking for a Realtor that goes above and beyond.

Edgardo Mangual dove head first into a career in Real Estate and has made a tremendous splash in the industry. This caused a ripple effect that has enabled him to enjoy much success and provide for his family. This extraordinary agent represents and guides clients through the process and ensures they are as happy as possible form start to finish. “I have a very transparent style of doing business because I want my clients to know exactly who they are working with” says Barnes. Edgardo uses his own experiences as a home and investment property owner to help his clients and applies his knowledge to better serve his clients. Edgardo lives by faith on a daily basis. Anyone working with this outstanding agent can expect nothing but great results and maximum satisfaction.  

Alex Sawford is a Real Estate professional who is obsessed with quality customer service and exceeding his clients expectations. His 7 year experience working  with Apple molded a mind full of creativity and out of the box solutions. Alex knows the market and is always in a position to negotiate and advocate strongly for his clients. Whether it’s finding your dream home or making the move because the nest is empty, rest easy knowing Alex will take care of it! As one of Alex’s clients has said on Zillow “I am forever grateful that my path led me to having Alex as my realtor. His level of care and dedication is beyond anything that I could have imagined.” Buying or selling Real Estate is easy with Alex.

Claudia Vidal was born in Peru and raised in Astoria New York. She moved to New Jersey in 2012 to start a family and a new career. This loving mother of a 2 year old is a very dedicated and hard working real estate agent. Her previous experience in administration has taught her to deliver excellent customer service to her clients. Claudia feels passionate about helping people and doing her job to the best of her abilities. She has a sweet and charismatic attitude and loves meeting new people and building relationships.  She believes that a good network of strong-minded and positive people can create a recipe for success. She is very eager to begin her career in helping buyers, sellers, and investors reach their goal.

Sandra Fife is an enthusiastic Real Estate agent who decided to make her dreams come true by becoming a Real Estate Agent. Sandra wanted to earn a good living helping others in a honest way. With her prior experience in the Automotive Industry, she gained excellent customer service skills, which will surely be a great benefit to her clients. Sandra and her husband finally purchased a home 2 years ago, and the feeling that she had with that gave her the motivation to follow her passion for homes. If you’re looking for a hard working, reliable & committed agent, Sandra Fife is here to guide clients through the process.

Alejandro Guzman is a Real Estate professional who cares about helping his clients and guiding them every step of the way. He is a leader that will do anything to get the job done on his clients behalf. Alejandro is a marketing guru that specializes in multi-family rental properties as well as flips and real estate investments. He has been consistently successful at helping first time home buyers find their dream home. Alejandro’s number one priority is to satisfy every client and to provide the highest quality service possible.  

Lauren Connaughton is devoted to helping others through her passion for everything real estate related. Her ambition began at an early age growing up in an environment surrounded by construction, buying/selling homes, and flipping houses. Having an artistic background lead her to blend her knowledge and skills to provide the best of her service to others. Lauren believes positivity overcomes any obstacle and foresees nothing but success for everyone. She plans to lead her kids by example to find their true desire that will motivate them to be the best that they can for themselves and for others.

James Dellomo is a strong communicator and active listener who is serious about making himself available for his clients. With years of real estate experience and an extensive background in finance, accounting, regulatory law and compliance, James can be counted on to understand the importance of integrity as well as the needs and motivations of his clients. James has a strong support team of professionals who will assist in creating a seamless and educational experience to. This proud father of two boys treats each transaction as a personal experience and strives to build lifelong relationships with his clients. Whether clients are
looking for an investment property, seeking to sell your home or are looking to purchase your dream home, James is your go to guy! 

Peter Schwartz is a dedicated family man who will not only sell your home but also his daughter's girl scout cookies. Peter looks to find buyers lovely homes in caring communities throughout New jersey. Peter also has a good eye for investing for his clients as well as himself purchasing investment properties of his own. He is hard working and will go above and beyond to help his clients get the best deal possible. Peter has extensive knowledge of New jersey. He is a graduate of Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, New Jersey and Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY where he majored in Accounting. Peter spent many years at ETRADE Securities LLC in Jersey City as a licensed Financial and Operational Principal where he had an exceptional reputation for supporting customers service, traders and street side inquiries with immediacy. Peter anticipates client's needs with the intent of making the client experience as is easy and seamless as possible.  If you are looking for someone who understands real estate and will give you top notch service Peter Schwartz is your guy.

Charles Brand is an uplifting realtor that specializes in all aspects of real estate including REO’s, short sales, distressed properties, wholesales and  first time home buyers. Charles has over 3 years of extensive experience, but has been actively investing in Real Estate since 2003. This knowledgeable agent educates his clients on everything they need to know about the market.Charles is known by all his clients for getting things done promptly and properly. In addition, clients will benefit from his infectious positive energy which creates the most pleasurable experience possible. Aside from being a licensed Realtor, Charles is also a certified apple and IT technician and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. ​

Erick Pagani is a brilliant young entrepreneur with incomparable networking skills that have consistently brought the right attention for his client's properties. Over the years, Erick has devoted his time to educating himself as an entrepreneur so that he could maximize his value as a Real Estate agent. Now, he is fully equipped with all the knowledge and experience necessary to be successful in all his endeavors. Recently, this hard-working agent became a father and  he has never been happier than he is now with his beautiful baby girl. Erick loves what he does; he is ecstatic to be able to have a wonderful career that allows him to help others and be with his family when he wants. Erick would be the perfect choice for anyone in need of an honest agent who understands good marketing and family values.

Michael “Mike” Policastro is a mix of old school customer service with new school real estate methods. Honesty and integrity mean more to him then any sale ever could but if you hear laughing from another room he is most likely the cause. From a young age Mike worked in the real estate industry, starting in 2002 he worked construction learning how to build a home from the ground up to removing Oil Tanks and dealing with Environmental issues many homes in New Jersey have had. Mike uses this knowledge he has gained over the years to educate not only clients, but other agents. In his spare time he enjoys giving back to the community being a Volunteer Firefighter in Roselle Park for the past 12 years. When its time to relax, you can usually find him down the shore or on the golf course. If your looking for a motivated, think outside the box real estate professional, look no further. Mike is your guy!

Born and raised in New Jersey, Nancy Coelho has witnessed the tremendous change and growth that’s transformed in the New Jersey real estate market. By keeping her finger on the pulse of the latest trends and movements in the market, Nancy is able to offer her clients top-notch guidance from start to finish, ensuring the entire process is seamless, efficient and rewarding. Nancy has over six years of sales and marketing experience in various industries including financial, legal and real estate. She holds a BS in Marketing and Management from Montclair State University and is fluent in Portuguese. In her free time, Nancy enjoys going down the shore, hanging out with her family and dog Diesel.

For 25 years, Vonda "Kai" Wallace has been working in the Insurance industry and recently gravitated towards a career as a  Real Estate professional. Determined to make a break-through for her family, this creative and resourceful problem-solver wants clients to see her as a steady resource for home ownership and financial security. Supported by a strong team of experts, and equipped with the latest technology and marketing strategies, clients can confidently depend on Kai to handle any situation. She aspires to one day become a motivational speaker in order to spread education, inspiration, and motivation across the world. Aside from Real Esate, this multi-talented agent has also been a DJ for hire for 6 years and is passionate about producing, creating, and playing music. Kai is a proud mother of a beautiful daughter and wants to provide a better quality of life for her family and her clients. 

Raised in Paterson New Jersey, Williams Flores developed a burning passion for homes and knew from a young age the only work he wanted be involved in would be Real Estate. While attaining a degree in Accounting from Montclair University, Williams worked at a local bank, wholesaled properties, and managed online businesses and teams. Fueled by his enthusiasm for learning, this young eager agent decided to get his Real Estate license and now combines his knowledge, experience, and passion to manage properties and help buyers and sellers to the best of his abilities. This aspiring agent continues to educate himself further to be of better service to his clients and associates. As an investor himself, anyone interested in off market deals and sheriff sales should definitely consider working with Williams.

James Tharp is a dedicated and loving husband, father of two and man of faith who strives to treat everyone like his own family. This hardworking and enthusiastic individual brings with him his 35 years of experience in the construction industry to help his clients find the right home to fit their needs whether they are first time home buyers or the seasoned investors.

While running his own construction company, James has worked with builders in the construction of new homes and investors in the renovation of distressed properties and has gained vast knowledge from the process of acquiring properties, township approvals, design to finish.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, James will work hard going above and beyond for his clients to meet their needs and get them the best deal possible while guiding them through the entire process.

Esther Osei-wusu and her family of 6 settled in the United States with nothing more than a dollar and a dream. Within 5 years of being in the country, they achieved the American dream by becoming home-owners. With this accomplishment in mind, Esther made it her life’s mission to help others who wish to attain their own portion of the American dream. With over 8 years of customer service under her belt, Esther has helped hundreds of people in various ways. These skills have spewed over in her profession as a Real Estate agent. Esther specializes in understanding the specific needs of her clients leading to either the sale of their house or finding the home their dreams. Esther’s motto is “never quit until the job is done.” This core value has guided her to becoming one of the leading up and coming agents in the current market place.

Sandra Page is stronger than your average mother, but humble and kind in every interaction. During stressful or difficult times, Sandra wants to be the one by your side ensuring everything works out in your favor. This passionate agent has a vision of impacting lives through her work; which is what prompted her to obtain her license. Through Real Estate, she has gathered the knowledge, resources, and support to smoothly guide her clients through any type of transaction; regardless of the circumstances. Sandra eagerly jumps into action for her clients with full confidence in her abilities to resolve any dilemma. Sandra places transparency above everything, so clients can be assured their matters are not being neglected. Despite being relatively new to Real Estate, this phenomenal agent is already considered an expert in her field and can effectively and efficiently handle it all! For those considering buying or selling any properties, Sandra will undoubtedly prove to be the one you want in your corner representing you.

Sandra Page is stronger than your average mother, but humble and kind in every interaction. During stressful or difficult times, Sandra wants to be the one by your side ensuring everything works out in your favor. This passionate agent has a vision of impacting lives through her work; which is what prompted her to obtain her license. Through Real Estate, she has gathered the knowledge, resources, and support to smoothly guide her clients through any type of transaction; regardless of the circumstances. Sandra eagerly jumps into action for her clients with full confidence in her abilities to resolve any dilemma. Sandra places transparency above everything, so clients can be assured their matters are not being neglected. Despite being relatively new to Real Estate, this phenomenal agent is already considered an expert in her field and can effectively and efficiently handle it all! For those considering buying or selling any properties, Sandra will undoubtedly prove to be the one you want in your corner representing you.


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