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How To Be A Successful Realtor

December 10, 2017

Find Your Niche

As a Real Estate agent in New Jersey, one of the most crucial things you need to know is what kind of agent you want to be. Apparently, every Realtor seeks to be a top producer and earn six figures, but that doesn’t happen quickly. A crucial first step you should take if you want to improve as a Realtor is to figure out which aspect of Real Estate you want to specialize in and put all your focus into that one particular field. Decide whether you want to go deep or wide as a Real Estate agent. An example of going deep would be if some agents would prefer to be a hyper-local agent and specialize in one particular town or area, while going wide, on the other hand, would be different agents that want to focus instead on a specific demographic or group of people, such as distressed. It’s better to specialize in something than to try to take on a little bit of everything because people have more respect for experts that have built a reputation being great at something, and by focusing on one thing, you achieve so much more opposed to being mediocre at everything. With that being said, it’s not a bad idea if you are a new agent to try everything to see what you’re good at and what you enjoy the most.


Practice Your Dialogue

Once you have chosen which niche you want to focus on, the next step to take should be preparing great dialogue to utilize in certain situations that you will inevitably be facing. People can detect uncertainty and lack of confidence in your tone of voice, so it would be wise for you to do some Real Estate role-playing either with someone or by yourself in front of a mirror. There are objection handling techniques you can learn that are seriously useful when cold calling potential sellers or dealing with stubborn homebuyers. However, they are only useful when you have been practicing them on a daily basis. Consistent practice is a significant factor for improvement; nobody does better merely because they want to, it takes time and effort. It might help to think of Real Estate as a sport rather than a time-consuming job; the difference between pros and the benchwarmers is a hint of talent and an immense amount of practice. Patience is also needed because you won’t become the world’s most exceptional salesperson overnight. Like my lifting instructor used to tell me, consistency is vital.

Master The Art Of Closing Deals

Every person that works a commission based career in 2017 knows the struggle of finding clientele to buy your service or product. In Real Estate, we don’t get paid for showing houses or prospecting; we only get paid after we close a deal; that’s why it’s a really bad idea to spend all your time riding around with buyers who haven’t been pre-approved yet. As difficult as it may sometimes be, getting clients and listings is actually the natural part, being able to close on those deals is the hardest part. Many agents don’t make much or anything at all their first year because they struggle with the closing, which leads to many agents calling it quits and changing careers. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many CMA’s you do or cold calls you make or homes you show, if you have a weak close game, you’re better off working an hourly job because you’re wasting your time. However, you can always get better at closing opposed to giving up. As cliche as it may sound, mastering the art of closing starts with developing a positive mindset; and having a pen with you always helps. It’s also ideal to be prepared for any stall and objection, that’s why I emphasize the importance of practicing dialogue such as objection handling techniques. Once you understand the difference between selling and closing, you will be taking one step towards becoming a more successful Real Estate agent.

The Importance Of Marketing

Another major factor of being a successful Real Estate agent is knowing the importance of marketing and how to do it properly. It’s not uncommon for a very low-quality product or service to have high volume sales. Take McDonald’s for example, while some may argue that this widespread burger chain can be quite tasty, the truth is, it is known to be very unhealthy, and there are a plethora of better options for a good burger. Why then, if their burgers are so low quality, are they literally everywhere? The answer is because of excellent marketing. Quite simply, it’s knowing how to correctly expose something and make it available, and you can do the same for homes. Marketing today is mainly digital, and a proven and effective type of marketing is social media marketing. Websites like Facebook make it pretty easy for small businesses to promote their product or service to a target audience, and it gets you much more exposure than an ad somewhere for much less money. The only problem to marketing is that it is usually very time to consume, which is why many agents choose to hire a personal marketing expert for assistance, so you can focus on the hundred of other things you need to get done on a daily basis.

Joining A Great Agency

The most helpful or beneficial thing you can do for yourself as an agent is to find and join a great agency that is going to provide you with everything you need to succeed and ensure that you continue to grow and prosper. Unfortunately, finding agencies like that can be like finding diamonds in Africa. Big name agencies spend so much time and money recruiting agents just to leave them to figure things out for themselves, and many brokers only want to hit you with fees and feed off your commission. Do yourself a favor, don’t jump the gun and join any agency without being sure that they are going to help you. As a broker of an agency in New Jersey, I can speak on behalf of my agency when I say all my agents benefit significantly from our weekly training and the one-on-one mentorship I offer, and every first-year agent has successfully closed more deals than I did my first year. Also, our agents are provided with the latest technology and most effective marketing strategies. If you are interested in learning more about improving as a Realtor or want to start a career in Real Estate, you can get started by visiting our website 

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